Journal of Applied Case Research (JACR) Volume 17 Number 1

JACR is a publication of the Southwest Case Research Association (SWCRA). JACR publishes teaching cases in all business disciplines. Cases may be grounded in primary and/or secondary data sources. Whether primary or secondary, sources must be well documented.

A CrossFit Crossroad

  • Robert D. Perkins, University of West Florida


A CrossFit Crossroad is a decision-based case derived from personal interviews with the entrepreneur and founder of CrossFit South Cobb, Miles Davis, his employee, Chris, and two other CrossFit owner/operators, Dan MacDougald and Craig “Patty” Patterson.

After launching his CrossFit South Cobb gym, Davis was surprised to discover he faced a direct competitor, when another CrossFit affiliate opened within two hundred yards of his door. As a result of this emergent competition, Davis’ client acquisition and revenue growth lagged behind his forecast. At the end of his first full year, Davis was unable to pay himself or his escalating rent, and realized that he had to revise his financial plan, choose a strategy and implement specific tactics to spur growth.


Entrepreneurship, competitive strategy, direct competition, enterprise branding, customer value proposition.


Perkins, R. D. (2019). A CrossFit Crossroad. Journal of Applied Case Research, V17 (1), 1-15.