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  • Buckyballs
    Buckyballs: An Ethics Based Discussion
    , Scott Dust (Miami University), Michael Fore (Eastern Kentucky University)
    The case recounts the story of Craig Zucker, the founder of Maxfield and Oberton Holdings, LLC (M&O), a company that created a product called Buckyballs – small, powerful, rare-earth magnets sold as office toys.
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  • CCHSStratford Lane: Valuing a Foreclosure as a Potential Rental Property, Scott Hoover (Washington and Lee University) The case is designed for use early in a real estate valuation course and provides exposure to basic real estate concepts such as Net Operating Income, capitalization rates, foreclosures, title searches, and the impact of uncertainty due to possible hidden property damage.
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  • GreenJackets
    A Downtown Stadium for the Augusta GreenJackets Baseball Team
    , Simon Medcalfe (Augusta University) About 17 acres of prime riverfront real estate lies padlocked and overgrown since the demise of Georgia Golf Hall of Fame’s Botanical Gardens in Augusta, Georgia. What is the best use for this land?
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The 2021 SWCRA meeting will be held in association with the Federation of Business
Disciplines (FBD) conference. The conference will be held via Zoom on April 8, 2021.

The deadline for receipt of all submissions is .

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